A Shameless Plug

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A Shameless Plug

Yes, I’m using my blog for a shameless plug!! I am very excited to announce that the fabulous and magical Patricia Weston has just published her first e-book and I am recommending it to you all!   ‘White Witch Patricia Weston’s Book of Spells & Magic’ is now available on Amazon.co.uk. It’s a wonderful book chock full of spells and all things magic. There are spells for Healing, spells for Courage, spells for Fertility, and yes, spells for  Love too. Patricia tells you how to get started, set up your altar, source your ingredients and which tools of the craft you will need. If there’s someone in your life who would like to bring a little magic into their days, then this is the perfect book. Buy it now! It’s only £1.65!! Go on!!

That’s it. Shameless plug over. (You know you want to buy it, though. You really do!!)

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