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Allow me to bumfuzzle you with some taradiddle. The other day I was chatting to a friend and used the word ‘fortnight’. “That’s very old school,” she told me, “no-one uses that word anymore!” The thing is, once I thought about it, I realised she was right and it got me wondering what other words in the English language are starting to die out. A quick flick around the web gave me the answer and sure enough, there was ‘fortnight’, along with ‘marvellous, drawers, fetch’ and strangely – because I can’t eat toast without it so would use this word everyday – ‘marmalade’. ‘Walkman’ is on the decline too, but that’s kind of obvious in this time of iPods, which in itself leads to a whole different discussion about new words like ‘Facebook’ and ‘awesome’. Anyhow, I clicked around further and found this article which gets COTW as I think it’d be great craic to use these defunct words more often.

Are there any words you think are dying out? I rarely hear ‘pleasant’ anymore and I also think that ‘motorcar’ and ‘aeroplane’ are vanishing too!

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