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I have a friend travelling through Italy at the moment and all her pictures are bursting with blue skies and beautiful scenery, so when I saw this article on my feed the other day, it completely caught my attention. Don’t get me wrong; I have no intentions of moving anywhere right now – I still have boxes to unpack – but the idea of moving to a remote Italian village has a certain romantic charm. It’s not just me who thinks so either. Since posting this invite on Facebook the mayor of this small Italian village has been so inundated with messages he has now had to ask people to stop contacting him. So, on this Friday evening, this week’s COTW is dedicated to those of you who dream of packing up their current life to relocate to a quiet, picturesque corner of the world where time moves at a slower pace.

Italian village offers €2,000 to anyone who wants to move there (and rents of €50 a month)

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