Distractions, distractions.

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Distractions, distractions.

It’s been a busy few weeks here in Julieland and me and my laptop have just been reunited after all the madness. We had two leaks in our new house, one which was straightforward to find and fix, the other not so much. The resulting water damage meant tearing up some skirting and bringing in a dehumidifier, which made me ill for a couple of days, and then the teenager caught a nasty dose which flattened her for three weeks. It landed right in the middle of school exams but she’s a little trooper and battled on through. The exams are now finally over however, which means I can stop tip-toeing around the house while using my calm mommy voice. It’s back to barging into the teenager’s bedroom with exasperated comments about how late it is and how the day is being wasted and how the sun is shining and how the teenager needs to get out of bed already. I can’t give out too much though, because I know she inherited this sleeping skill from me, and when my mum hears me giving out about my lazy teenager she gives a laugh that holds way too much satisfaction. Payback, eh?

Now that life has settled to almost back to normal after moving, I’m back in my writing rhythm again. I’m just about half way through Hunted so a publishing date of December is still looking good. I’ve had a few of you ask about the next Voyager Chronicles instalment, and yes, it will be my next book once Hunted is published. The good news is that The Veiling (the sequel to The Dawning) is already written. It’s a shaky first draft, but a draft nonetheless, so that should be ready to go in the first half of 2018. I miss Elaria and Rhyan, so I’m really looking forward to getting back to their story. I’m also on the lookout for some more Beta readers, so if any of you are interested, please PM me and we can have a chat.

My IT ninja is still working on my website with me. There are a few more changes to make and ideas to be thought through, so don’t be surprised if you see some funky things appearing and disappearing over the next while. I really am very crap at IT stuff. I only just figured out after weeks of trying that I can’t automatically post to Instagram from Facebook. Sheesh. I need a social media ninja too. . .

As I write, the sun is blazing outside and I’m sternly telling myself that the new garden can wait because books must be written. We’re having some very unIrish weather here at the moment and it’s so hard to not allow myself to be inticed outside to weed my herb bed or just enjoy the colourful flowers. I think this is why I write better at night time, when I can’t be distracted by the outside world and I feel so cocooned at my desk with my imagination spinning faster than I can type that nothing else exists. Before I get back to Hunted however, I must go wake the teenager. I mean, for goodness sakes – does she not know how late it is and how the day is being wasted and how the sun is shining and how she needs to get out of bed already?? Teenagers!!!

Too many colourful distractions in the garden today.

I shall stay focused however, I promise!




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