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Let It Go

Some time ago I was in the company of an amazing woman who is a White Witch. Patricia and I got to talking about all sorts of things and at one point the conversation turned to dealing with hurt and anger, and how so many people, me included, can sometimes have difficulty expressing it. I don’t mean the door-slamming, pot-banging expressions of anger, I’m talking about verbal expression, the kind where you openly admit that someone’s actions or words have metaphorically landed a punch. Sometimes, for whatever reason, it’s just not appropriate to say ‘hang on a second – I don’t like what you just said/did’, but for the times that it is appropriate, there are some who find it hard to speak up and defend themselves.
Regardless of what caused the negative emotion to lodge deep inside, Patricia has an interesting way to rid yourself of the hurt if you find yourself unable to shake it off or speak out:
Take a piece of paper and a pen. Write down what has angered you. Don’t be afraid; write it all, allow the pen to say what you couldn’t, and when you’re done, fold the paper over. The next part is important. As a White Witch, Patricia’s creed is ‘First, do no harm’, so before you go any further ask the Angels to protect the person you have written about because even though you’re venting your anger this exercise is absolutely not about causing harm to any person. Then, over a sink, a metal bucket or some other suitably fire-proof container, set fire to one corner of the paper. There is a lot of satisfaction in having transferred the negative emotions onto this little piece of paper and watching it scorch, curl and burn – even more so when all that’s left in the end is a little sprinkle of ash.
I had a tough summer this year. There were a lot of stressful and upsetting issues to deal with, and while none of them individually were catastrophic, when added together they did steal away some of my mojo. For me, writing down the things that I never got a chance to vent about was very cathartic and since then I’ve let go of a lot of what had me hassled.
For some this may sound like the greatest load of BS, for others, it may be worth considering. Either way I just wanted to share a little bit of Patricia’s wisdom and offer a simple way to let go of something that can often linger way too long inside – it’s also far safer than taking an axe to the possessions of the person that pissed you off in the first place, however tempting that may be . . .


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