Mind Your Head!

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Mind Your Head!

After a crazy summer, two of my friends and I decided we’d had enough of being responsible grown-ups and that we needed some time out. So, last weekend we took ourselves off for an overnight stay in a beautiful country house. With all children – including a miserably sick two-year old – handed over to relevant husbands and grand-parents (yay!) we headed to Kilmokea House which is in New Ross in County Wexford. Kilmokea reminded me of Downtown Abbey with its grand rooms and refined decor, but as soon as we met the owners, Mark and Emma, we knew that all that was expected of us was that we relax.

The gardens surrounding the house are incredible and two of us got snap-happy for a few hours. I wish I had a better camera than my iPhone, but it didn’t do too bad a job at picking up the amazing light. We enjoyed a long ramble through the woods and gardens, ate delicious food and sat up ’til late nattering about everything and nothing. By the time we left on Sunday morning all three of us felt recharged and chilled out.

My little collection of photos gives just a sample of what we enjoyed, but what I couldn’t capture was the precious down-time spent with friends. For a short while we were just three girls hanging out and laughing. We weren’t Mums, Wives, Carers, Chefs, Housekeepers, Warriors or the In Charge of Everything People – we were just ourselves.

With mental health being such a prevalent issue at the moment the simple message of the weathered little sign hanging beside the entrance to a secret passageway in the gardens rang very true. It was small enough to be missed as we ducked low but its importance has stayed with me since – Mind Your Head!

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