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Nearly there

Bleat Beat! It’s been a while . . .
The last few weeks have been pretty crazy. Between working on the final edit of Released, shopping for the holidays, the mayhem of my work office and then the usual seasonal round of runny noses and sore throats, I’m not sure which way is up at the moment. The craziness is trundling to a stop however. My work holidays are coming, shopping is done, colds are cured and best of all . . . .Released is ready! The publishing date is imminent (just tweaking the cover design) so I’ll be clicking on that magical ‘publish’ button any day now.

Thanks to everyone who sent in their lists of most hated and loved books. It’s so interesting to hear all your different opinions. (Except for the heathen that said Wuthering Heights was a snooze-fest. You know who you are Margaret from Kent ; ) I will hunt you down!! ) I’ve also been contacted by two hilariously funny girls from Emu Heights in Sydney (great address) who interviewed me for a creative writing class project. They’ve kindly agreed to me posting the interview on here as I wanted to share their insanity with you.

So, more book news. Within the next few months I’ll be publishing the first of a trilogy I’ve had written for the last few years. The series is titled ‘The Voyager Chronicles’ and I’m provisionally calling this first trilogy the ‘Prophecy trilogy’. I’ve yet to settle on a title for the first book (and the second, and the third!) but that will come in time. There’ll also be a sequel to Released. I hadn’t really intended there to be but half way through writing it I came up with an evil plan for one of the characters and I couldn’t help myself from working it into the story. I’m my own worst enemy.

Christmas is in full swing here in Skerries. After a long, long debate my daughter Abby and I decided to buy an artificial tree this year and I’m secretly glad that we did as by now a real tree would have started to droop. I do miss the smell of pine though. (Don’t tell Abby!) We took a walk along the sea front today and the town is feeling very Christmassy. All the shop fronts are lit up and look so welcoming. Our favourite is the famous ‘Storm in a Teacup’ on the harbour which has taken pride of place on my little photo collage of Skerries shop fronts. It’s the place to go after a walk along the beach or around the harbour. Abby’s choice is always a ‘Mucky Mess’; ice cream sprinkled with warm Ferrero chocolate and meringue. Delicious!

I hope you’re all in good form and looking forward to the holidays. I heard my first Christmas joke today and I think it’s important that I share it with you before I go: What kind of motorbike does Santa ride? A Holly Davidson!


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