The Turning Moon Series fantasy books by Julie Embleton

Turning Moon Series

It began with an Alpha immersed in black magic, his intended victim on the run and a wolf pack torn asunder by evil. Follow the supernatural beings of the Turning Moon series as they join forces to protect and fight as one, where friendship and love are both tested and discovered.

Bound. Turning Moon, #1

Nyah Morgan’s Alpha has aligned with dark forces and his plans for Nyah break the most absolute of Lycan Laws. Maimed by his magic she turns rogue, her condition drawing the unwanted attention of Dean Carson, an Alpha who is determined to learn the truth she hides when she stumbles in to his territory. Nyah’s bound wolf is slowly killing her; both Alphas can save her, but which one, and at what cost?

Released. Turning Moon, #2

The Turning Moon series continues with Released, where, desperate to escape the memories of the horrific acts committed against his former pack, Michael Vincent has spent the last year running as a lone, tormented wolf. Fearful for his weakening humanity he returns to human form, but chooses to live in solitude, deep in the Rochfort Mountains. Upon finding his mate – a human with no knowledge of his supernatural world or shameful past – a fragile hope slowly begins to ease the burden of the guilt he bears, daring him to reach for a brighter future. But the evil that splintered his former pack is casting its shadow anew and Michael is caught between protecting his mate while reuniting with his old pack as they brace to confront a terror they had thought long buried.

Haunted. Turning Moon, #3

The final instalment of the Turning Moon series continues with Graham’s tormented memories fuelling his revenge against the Cedar Copse wolf pack. His suspicious behaviour has caught the attention of his vampire friend, Tori, who once uncovering his dark secret, vows to help her friend find peace. When Tori learns the Cedar Copse pack is being plagued with reminders of the past she befriends them, unsure if Graham is responsible and how she might protect him. It soon becomes clear that Simon Northfell’s sinister legacy is what bears down upon them and it’s not just the wolves who are being haunted; Tori discovers her past has returned to haunt her too, and as the ghosts close in, neither she nor her friends are prepared for the unimaginable truths about to be revealed.

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