The Dawning

Elaria Winterbourne has supernatural skills. She thinks they’re worthless, but her sorcerer-mentor, Solomon, knows better. He also knows another truth, one he keeps to himself. Hidden in an ancient book, riddles tease a glimpse of Elaria’s destiny. Already overwhelmed by the impending responsibility of her sovereignty, Solomon refuses to add to her strife.

Rhyan Blackwood’s ambition lies within the ranks of the renowned Royal Guard of Lynan Castle. When a world he thought fictitious is revealed, the gravity of his new role weighs suddenly heavy, made all the harder by his stubborn charge who struggles against the constraints of his presence.

Harmony dawns, but treachery surfaces alongside it when an adversary of Solomon’s emerges from a century of hiding. Eager for the chaos he can create by taking Elaria’s power for himself, Lorcan unleashes havoc. With Elaria unprepared and vulnerable, Solomon and Rhyan face a choice; have faith in an obtuse prophecy, or betray Elaria’s trust. But is fate ever anyone’s to control?

The Dawning is book 1 of the Voyager Chronicles Prophecy series, an epic fantasy trilogy available through all ebook retailers including Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.

ISBN: 978 131 132 2616