They say truth will always out. But when it surfaces, are we ever prepared for the consequences?

Wolves and vampires are forced to unite when spectres appear to reveal unimaginable truths. For Tori, the truth may be more than she can bear.

Graham’s tormented memories fuel his revenge against the Cedar Copse and Carter Plains wolf packs, but his suspicious behaviour has caught the attention of his vampire friend, Tori. When a sinister legacy bears down upon them, Tori fears it’s not just the wolves who are being haunted; her past has returned to haunt her too, and as the ghosts close in, none are prepared for the unimaginable truths about to be revealed.

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Reviews for Haunted

“This is Tori’s story. And OMG! What a story it is! Ok, I’ve got to start at the beginning. Tori and Graham have a special kind of relationship and I thought that was the way this story was going. Both have issues that need to be faced. I just didn’t think it was going to be this way. I had no idea. I was caught completely unawares. I should have known. There were clues.

There are three parts to a story…world building, character development and story flow. Bound was more world building. Release was character development. Haunted is story flow. There were so many twists, turns and whiplashing going on that I almost got motion sickness. At about half way, I could not put the book down. It turned out to be an all nighter.

No spoilers here. But I will tell you that Tori has some unfinished business to attend to if she chooses to have a life…even a vampire one. With that being said, there seems to be something between Tori and… Nah, you’re going to have to read the book. But you still won’t really know. And perhaps that is for the best. Then there’s Nick eyeing up Lola… And, what’s the deal with Joan Clancy, Genna’s mother? There’s something there, too. Will we eventually know??? Three question marks for three questions.

This was the fastest read book of the series. I literally inhaled it in a day.”

“So, Tori is now my dream BFF. She’s interesting, she’s fierce, she’s loyal and such a great friend. She’s brave and a little wild, adventurous but careful, she’s a take no crap kind of girl that grew on me throughout this series and culminated on this book. I can safely say Tori is one of my fave vampire girls out there. And that is why I was not so sold on the romance here as I was in the other two books. But Miss Embleton does not disappoint, and while she may lead you down a certain road, there will be a fork somewhere and you get whacked with something you didn’t quite see coming. The one she threw on this book made my day. Hell, made my everything! I’m not a wolf person, I don’t fancy werewolves (okay, Michael Vincent is THE exception) nor am I particular into them. I’m all for vampires. Especially those who seem very bloodthirsty, wickedly evil, a little dangerous, but who, in the end, have an agenda we never saw coming and make decisions based on their hearts alone – often, wrong decisions that break them and someone else as well. So the moment a vampire sounding quite like this gets thrown into the equation, I’m sold. Julie Embleton does a great job in presenting Tori to us in a manner we are entirely bound to her, her emotions and her vision of the world and past events. Which makes us even more surprised by the time we get hit with another version to what happened in her past and why she was put through what she believes to have been put through. All I can say now is GIMME ALEXANDRE. Yes, please, I need more of this brooding, mysterious vampire, Miss Embleton, so please, deliver!”

“Dayum. This cannot be the end of this series, can it? I still have questions, and I still need to know where this leads. Tori suddenly became goals for me, she’s such an intense character, such a courageous, brave, badass woman, I really wanted to tag along more with her. The slow burn between her and Blake – though expectable – didn’t grab me as much as Genna and Michael Vincent, it did not feel quite believable. Or maybe it was me who did not want her to end up with him, as I had set my heart on another love interest for our dear Miss Victoria. But then, the final chapters happened.
And I cannot be left like this, not knowing how it’s going to move from there. A new character is introduced along the line that has me longing to find out more about them, and the ending also hints at a possibility of having a certain favourite have more of a presence from then on, so I’m really hoping the author will give us at least one more novel on this series. Pretty please?”

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