Does a killer deserve redemption?

Michael Vincent believes he doesn’t. But can he ignore the discovery of his mate or the menace threatening his former pack as a chance for atonement?

Desperate to escape the memories of the horrific acts committed against his former pack, Michael Vincent has spent the last year running as a lone, tormented wolf. Fearful for his weakening humanity he returns to human form, but chooses to live in solitude, deep in the Rochfort Mountains. When he discovers his mate, a fragile hope slowly begins to ease the burden of the guilt he bears, but the evil that splintered his former life is casting its shadow anew forcing Michael to reunite with his pack mates as they brace to confront a terror thought long buried.

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Reviews for Released

“This book is about reflections, looking back, regrets, self isolation and survival to overcome the past. I was slowly pulled into Michael’s head so I could see, feel and sense his struggle to just exist with his wolf tucked away deep inside. He didn’t trust himself to control his raging wolf…not after what happened to his pack. I saw Michael standing on a precipice with his past pushing with a self destructive force to end it all and his wolf willing him to live. I saw one man’s journey back from almost destruction by isolating himself and taking only occasional peeks into the outside world. Then bang it happened! Genna, happened. The wolf inside is now fighting to come out.

Julie Embleton certainly knows how to spin a love story that not only captures your heart; but your imagination as well.

Michael was a secondary character in Bound. He has evolved into one hunk of a main character in Released. He has so many layers covering all those muscles that I know he has.

Released is a very intricate study of characters and behavior, human and otherwise. We are introduced to Graham and Tori who have secrets of their own…deadly ones. There’s Genna who is struggling with guilt about her father and confusion about her feelings for Michael. Ahhh, her mother, Joan who I suspect has a few secrets of her own. The author has expertly developed all of these characters seemingly effortlessly.

My novice werewolf reading has turned out to be a very enjoyable. One more to go…Haunted is next. Werewolves, vampires and witches…OH, MY!”

“This is book two in the Turning Moon series and yes, it’s werewolves. Now, I’m usually not keen on this whole genre, but I’d read and enjoyed another fantasy series by the same author, so I thought I’d give book one, Bound, a go. Much to my surprise I consumed it in a few days and couldn’t wait to read Released to find out what happened next.

Wonderfully written, the author has clearly spent a lot of time on this wolf world she has created. There are rules and politics within the packs, there are taboos and traditions which add a layer of richness to the story and make it credible. Her characters are three-dimensional, and even though they have the ability to change into wolves, they are still relatable and very real.

I like the way the focus of Released is on a secondary character from the first book Bound, and that the main characters from the first book took a step back to become secondary in Released. This sharing by the characters of the limelight weaves into a fabulous tapestry of connections and relationships that paints a vivid picture of the landscape they inhabit.

There is a love story, but it’s not the sole intent of the plot – indeed, at times it is almost pushed to one side as the characters are dragged into a frightening and threatening situation. There is some nice interaction between the characters and the dialogue is strong and realistic.

Overall, this was an intriguing and engrossing read with a fast-paced plot that draws the reader in and carries them along with the action. Very enjoyable and well-deserving of five stars.”

Oh, Michael Vincent, you can come wolf right by my side any time you want…
Julie Embleton’s second instalment in the Tunring Moon series picks up where we left book one, but this time we follow Michael on his journey of guilt and despair. Troubled and haunted by the events on book one and what he was forced to do, Michael hides from his former pack – torn asunder as they are – and lives his life as a wolf, while slowly trying to come to terms with his past and the recognition he was not as much to blame for what took place as he believes himself to be. A light sparks at the end of the dark tunnel he chose for himself, and as he realises he’s been mated, his whole life and mindset are forced to change.
Seeing the mating from the human side was rather fun, I found myself laughing at some places, smirking at certain reactions from Genna. Their relationship becomes endearing as it evolves, and I found myself rooting for them from the first moment.
But as soon as I finished it, I was already salivating for book three, left as I was with the promise of a vampire and some more witch lore in which I’m eager to dive in!

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