The Claiming

Elaria must rise or the realms fall.

Elaria Winterbourne is prophesied to save the ten realms from catastrophic destruction. But with her magick buried, impossible secrets eroding her sanity and the one person who could help dying beneath a disintegrating spell, her self-belief has crumbled.

When her fake brother, Charlie, tells her to step into her power, she’s never heard anything so cheesy, or impossible. The battle for domination creeps closer, however, and if Elaria is to fulfil the prophecy and claim her own destiny, she must reignite her self-belief.

In this final instalment of the Coveted Power series, a century-old power-grab reaches its climax. Control and destiny are for the claiming, but victory demands sacrifice.

Who will pay the highest price?

The Claiming concludes the Coveted Power series, an epic coming-of-age fantasy, where sorcery, treachery, and love straddle medieval and contemporary worlds.

Reviews for The Claiming

“I’ve been on tenterhooks, waiting for this final book in the Coveted Power trilogy, ever since beginning the saga of Princess Elaria Winterbourne and her gorgeous dedicated guard Rhyan, from writer Julie Embleton.

Picking up where we left off in The Veiling, Elaria returns home to face an ominous future, leaving her fake, but now beloved family behind her. One terror may have passed, but another looms and, this time, her mentor and her lover may not have the power to stop it. Rathan’s vision is almost upon her and the fate of ten realms falls squarely on the shoulders of a nineteen year old woman.

This kind of fantasy saga finds itself in an overcrowded market, except that this one manages to excel and stand shoulder to shoulder with the very best. The plot twists and turns, surprising the reader and giving them what they crave in equal measure. The characters are a delight and each succeeding book builds on the compelling relationships until you both root and fear for them.

If you only read one fantasy trilogy this year, make it this one. Oh and everyone should have a Rhyan in their life. Sigh.
5 stars, of course.”

“This is the triumphant and wonderful final instalment in the Coveted Power trilogy, and I have nothing but good things to say about this book, and about the series as a whole. Beautifully written and engrossing books, they follow the progress of Princess Elaria Winterbourne as she tentatively discovers her powers and learns she is the focus of an ancient prophecy.

All too often, prophecy novels leave the main character with little choice and they are portrayed as mere puppets to the dictates of their destiny. That is not so with these books. Elaria is a strong and determined young woman, who although wishes to be the ruler her parents would like her to be, is ultimately not prepared to sacrifice her own happiness for the sake of protocol and tradition.

They are long books, yet quick reads and the plot moves at a steady pace. The characters are well rounded and three-dimensional, and you find yourself believing in this world and its people and caring about what becomes of them.

Towards the end of the book the pace hots up, and I found myself staying up well beyond my bedtime because of my need to finish it and find out what happens – always the mark of a good read in my opinion.

Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable epic fantasy trilogy which I can highly recommend.”

“What a ride the Coveted Power series has been! In this third and final instalment, Elaria is back in her home realm harbouring secrets, suppressing her magick, grieving the loss of a friend, and deflecting the attempts of her mother’s matchmaking. How long can she withstand this inner despair before she breaks and how can she hope to fulfil the prophecy in a weakened state of mind?

The Claiming is a cleverly crafted paranormal masterpiece and an exciting, page-turning end to the series. I can’t wait to read more of Julie Embleton’s imaginative and creative wonders of the written word. The world building and descriptions are fantastic. Great read!!”

The Claiming. Coveted Power # 3 by Julie Embleton

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ISBN: 9781005065416
Publication date: July 2020
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