The Dawning

Elaria Winterbourne has supernatural skills. She thinks they’re worthless, but her sorcerer-mentor, Solomon, knows better. He also knows another truth, one he keeps to himself. Hidden in an ancient book, riddles tease a glimpse of Elaria’s destiny. But already overwhelmed by the impending responsibility of her sovereignty, Solomon refuses to add to her strife.

Rhyan Blackwood’s ambition lies within the ranks of the renowned Royal Guard of Lynan Castle. When a world he thought fictitious is revealed, the gravity of his new role weighs suddenly heavy, made all the harder by his stubborn charge who struggles against the constraints of his presence.

Treachery surfaces when an adversary of Solomon’s emerges from a century of hiding. Eager for the chaos he can create by taking Elaria’s power for himself, Lorcan unleashes havoc. With Elaria unprepared and vulnerable, Solomon and Rhyan face a choice; have faith in an obtuse prophecy, or betray Elaria’s trust.

But is fate ever anyone’s to control?

The Dawning is book 1 of the Voyager Chronicles Prophecy series, an epic fantasy trilogy available through all ebook retailers.

Reviews for The Dawning

“From its action-packed prologue to its surprising cliffhanger ending, the Dawning is an utter delight, carefully written to reveal it’s mysteries gradually and draw the reader ever deeper into its medieval style world. This pageturner makes you care and fear for every one of its characters, embedding them into your heart whilst the ominous sense of impending evil grows ever stronger. The central character of Elaria is feisty and yet vulnerable and her Designated Guard one of the most appealing characters I’ve ever read. I loved this so much that I have immediately bought book 2, The Veiling.”

“It has been awhile since a book has pulled me into it and captivated me to the point that I kept going back to it. I loved every aspect of this novel, particularly the characters and the magic sprinkled throughout the pages. The one thing that I liked about it is that magic isn’t what steers this novel, which lends to the fact that the author is conscious of all parts of her writing process. I thoroughly recommend this read to anyone who loves fantasy, and a nice little cliffhanger at the end.”

“Well, this book starts with a bang and goes off with another, leaving you with no option but jump straight into book 2 – because you SIMPLY have to know what happens!!
Ms. Embleton weaves a classic fantasy in this tale of a feisty young lady who knows better – but doesn’t, so she often gets herself in trouble, which has brought smiles to my face for I was once like that – and whose fate is larger than life. She is destined for grand accomplishments, and the world rests on her shoulders, but both parents and tutor keep her in the dark. Elaria is a character we can’t fail to root for and be spellbound by, in eager anticipation of how the story is going to develop.
Surrounded by utterly despicable characters – not going to name names, but put a whip in my hand and throw me into Elaria’s world and I’d teach a certain someone the lessons his momma failed to give him! – she is true to herself, abd has the biggest heart.
And then there’s Rhyan…
I’d urge you to read the book for Rhyan alone!
A delightful fantasy for the young at heart – no matter how old you are – I really enjoyed this book, and can’t wait to go back to this enchanted world – which I’m going to do right now!”

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ISBN: 978 131 132 2616
Publication date: April 2015
Editions: Ebook
Price: £2.35