The Untitled

Joe and Leven were created in a lab to serve two very different purposes; save and slay. Joe has just one life to save, Leven has countless to end. Born as enemies, they share a brief but precious friendship before Leven’s refusal to submit to her creator throws both their lives into chaos. Years later, in the midst of a warfare eradicating supernatural beings, Joe unexpectedly finds Leven. Still the self-sufficient girl he once knew, he comes to realise she is the lone assassin wreaking havoc with the shared enemy they want destroyed. Despite her resolve to stay alone Joe urges her to join his group of supernatural warriors; with her strength, skills and knowledge he knows that she could be the one thing that will help them win the war. But more than that, after all this time, Joe doesn’t want to lose her again.

UPDATE MAY 2022: The Untitled is going through a major revamp and will re-emerge in the next few months with a new title, cover, and fresh formatting. Until then, it’s unavailable for sale. Stay tuned for updates!

Reviews for The Untitled

“This book was really great! Supplied to me by the author for an honest review, and I truly loved it! I will always go for a female heroine and Leven’s character development in this book is a pleasure to read, the adorable romance between her and Joe is also stellar, brilliant ending – if you enjoyed Graceling by Kristin Cashore you will enjoy The Untitled.”

“I received this book from Voracious Readers for an honest review. I really enjoyed this book. Watching Leven’s development from what she was into what she became was a real pleasure. Even the maturity but deep love that Joe had from the start was refreshing. I enjoyed the arc of the story and it was a nice relatively quick read. I liked the way she ended the novel with a neat little twist. It was a fun read that I would recommend to my friends.” 

“What do motorbikes, leather jackets, rock, a competent female assassin, friendship, and creatures of the night have in common? They’re all milling about in The Untitled, in a frenetic battle between good & evil that takes place in the midst of a modern city scape.
This story jumped out at me, as if spewn forth form the Shadowrun universe. It has monsters, technology, fighting and did I mention the assassin with a few preternatural powers? It is a fast paced novel with a narrative that carried me along, eager to find out what was going to happen to these characters, a band of disparate friends with a growing menace invading their town. They develop nicely and there’s plenty of back-story, depth and growth, with a good splatter of humour thrown in. I really enjoyed this world and there was no dragging me into it, I jumped right in. If you like city night scapes, running in the shadows, fighting and peril I’d recommend you grab a copy. I’m reading it for the second time and will undoubtedly do so again. I loved this story.”

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ISBN: 978 1301 105 243
Publication date: August 2014
Editions: Ebook
Price: £2.29