The Veiling

When you can’t trust yourself, how can you trust another?

Elaria’s sanity has fractured. Haunted by strange dreams stirring a nameless longing, confusion and frustration mount. She can’t explain why her brother and his friend shadow her every move, or why she’s suddenly failing classes, but lately, no-one deserves her trust.

A realm away, Lorcan’s demon army wreaks havoc in Lynan. Trapped within the castle, Rhyan and Solomon battle for their lives. With Elaria’s plight unknown, Solomon fears the worst for the prophecy’s outcome.

The Veiling continues the Coveted Power series, an epic coming-of-age fantasy, where sorcery, treachery, and love straddle medieval and contemporary worlds.

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Reviews for The Veiling

“Following on from The Dawning, the fabulous opening salvo of the Coveted Power series, Embleton’s The Veiling is a different style of book entirely and no less entertaining for it.

Elaria finds herself marooned in our realm, part of a family not her own, without the love of her life, or indeed any sense of self. Memories hidden, the former princess endures teen life, endlessly trying to avoid her over protective brother and his strange best friend.

The clever device of fish out of water works beautifully here, especially when our confused heroine begins to experience flashbacks of her true life and wonders whether she’s going mad. Her brother’s terrified companion, knowing the truth, is a mass of nerves and a delight to read. Meanwhile, back in her own realm, her beloved and tutor face the horror of a demon onslaught and the amassed might of their enemies.

I adored The Dawning and this sequel was equally as wonderful, pages turning ever faster as it relentlessly headed towards the reveal, delivering some jaw-dropping twists along the way.

Embleton is a talented writer with the outstanding ability to tell a story through characters that camp out in your heart for months afterwards. The next book, The Claiming, is due this year and I’ll be first in line. Easily 5 stars.”

“Elaria’s story continues with an unexpected twist, but with the same great writing and beautifully constructed characters and relationships.
Embleton will have you on the edge of your seat, wondering how this is all going to turn out.
I only have one question – when is book three coming out? I can’t wait!”

“From the very first word, we were straight into the action, picking up where things had left off in The Dawning, with the Princess Elaria exiled and with no memory of who or what she is in a realm very different from her home.

I really enjoyed this book, the punchy and immediate start caught my interest straight away, and the plot which very successfully blended sorcery with modern-day Earth was refreshing and intriguing. There were some humorous moments, where Elaria tries to assimilate into the life of a modern teenager, and some poignant ones as her memories occasionally bleed through and she is achingly aware that something is wrong, that she is missing important parts of her life.

The writing is well-paced and nicely balanced. This author is generous with her characters, giving even minor ones meaty lines and three-dimensional personalities. The book is formatted nicely, and I didn’t spot any obvious typos.

I was possibly expecting more drama and strife in the “Elaria on Earth” sections, and there was a character I felt sure was more than he seemed. When it was revealed he was exactly as he was portrayed I was a little disappointed, but that’s only a reflection of my expectations as to which way the plot was progressing.

Middle books in a trilogy are always tricky to pull off, but the author manages it masterfully in The Veiling, and I am very keen to see where the story goes in book three.”

The Veiling. Coveted Power #2

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