Coming February 27th 2023, the climactic finale to the Turning Moon series! Pre-order now available!

When hope turns to ash, do you submit or endure?

Shackled by Haakin’s compulsion, Tori hunts her prey. But Alexander Durand plays a frustrating game, baiting with trinkets that blight her pursuit.

If Alexander is to survive, he must stay ahead of Victoria long enough to unhook her from Haakin’s control. Witches, vampires, and wolves scramble to assist, but time is running out, and with Victoria closing in, hope crumbles.

Traitors emerge. The hunter becomes the hunted. Brotherhood and establishment collapse.

Will maleficence triumph, or will the deadliest hunter of them all prove too powerful an opponent?

Tormented brings the Turning Moon series to a climactic end. Supernatural beings unite to free Tori, yet it’s a human friendship that proves the most impactful of all.

This book contains:

Fated mates

Enemies to Lovers

Mind manipulation


A happy ending

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