Out now, the climactic finale to the Turning Moon series!

When hope turns to ash, do you submit or endure?

Shackled by Haakin’s compulsion, Tori hunts her prey. But Alexander Durand plays a frustrating game, baiting with trinkets that blight her pursuit.

If Alexander is to survive, he must stay ahead of Victoria long enough to unhook her from Haakin’s control. Witches, vampires, and wolves scramble to assist, but time is running out, and with Victoria closing in, hope crumbles.

Traitors emerge. The hunter becomes the hunted. Brotherhood and establishment collapse.

Will maleficence triumph, or will the deadliest hunter of them all prove too powerful an opponent?

Tormented brings the Turning Moon series to a climactic end. Supernatural beings unite to free Tori, yet it’s a human friendship that proves the most impactful of all.

This book contains:

Fated mates

Enemies to Lovers

Mind manipulation


A happy ending

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Reviews for Tormented

“I have been waiting a long time for this book so when it was finally published, I consumed it in three greedy sittings. I love the wolf shifters community that Embleton has created in this series. Never a fan of the werewolf trope, book one “Bound” changed my mind and I have been an addict of this series ever since.

The previous book ended on such a cliffhanger – Tori was kidnapped and compelled to kill her vampire sire and love of her life, Alexander – that the wait for book five “Tormented” was torment. I was worried it couldn’t possibly meet my expectations, but it delivered in spades.

Fast-paced, thrilling, and engrossing, the book hits the ground running and keeps the reader turning the pages until long after bedtime. But there are also moments of quietness and such sweet connection between the characters, that it had me wishing I could find a wolf man of my own.

Superbly written with great world-building, this is contemporary fantasy at its finest and gets a howling five stars from me.”

“Tormented is the fifth book in the Turning Moon series. And sadly, I believe it’s the last. I’ve loved the whole series and Tormented really was the icing on the cake.

Tormented tells the story of Tori after she was left in thrall by an older, more powerful vampire and specifically ordered to track down and kill her maker. Can she break the shackles that now bind her or will she destroy everything that she’s ever loved?

Unlike the other books in this series, Tormented weaves a couple of side stories in among the main story. It’s well done, but I wouldn’t have said no if the author had decided to tell those stories in separate books and with a bit more detail. Perhaps there is scope for more books in this series after all? I can live in hope, right?

Anyway, if you’ve read this far in the series you don’t need me to tell you that you’re going to love Tormented. You’ll already know that! But you will love it! It’s a great story, it’s very well told, the pace is fabulous, Tori and Alexander are wonderful lead characters and the rest of the characters are just as endearing.”

“I held my breath as I read this story, fearful of the author’s plans. But as I’ve learned time and time again, Julie Embleton is an author to trust. Through twists, reveals, and risks, she will lead you through a world of wolf shifters, vampires, witches, and humans. With this extraordinary author, you will never lose your way.

Five stars to “Tormented”! With all five books in the series now published, why delay your reading a moment longer? Start with “Bound” – Julie Embleton’s characters will win your heart, and you’ll think about them long after you read the last page.”

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ISBN: ‎ 979-8374592320
Publication date: 27th February 2023
Editions: paperback, ebook, audiobook
Price: $3.50