When fate makes a cruel move, do you surrender or fight?

Floundering in the wake of an unexpected arrival in Cedar Copse, Tori and Blake face impossible choices. Torn between love, loyalty and guilt, they must each decide who and what is worth fighting for.

The indomitable Johann Durand is missing. A deadly drug poisons the streets of London, and the hunters will only support his rescue if Tori takes responsibility for the vampire they all want ashed; his brother, Alexander. Already suffering her own loss, Tori wants nothing to do with the brewing chaos, or either Durand brother. Fate’s cruel twist has torn her and Blake apart. Both face an impossible choice, and burdened by love, loyalty, and guilt, neither know which way to turn.

Surrender or fight, the choice is theirs, but when it comes to love, the right decision is often the hardest.

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Reviews for Torn

“Although this is book four of the series, and I don’t know how many books are planned in total, there is very much a “middle book” feel to it. In much the same way that The Empire Strikes Back is a bleaker film than the other two in the trilogy, so Torn has that sense of despair and helplessness, a darkest before dawn edge that I found myself responding to, scrolling the pages in a need to find out what happens next.

Consumed in one sitting, the ending left me staring at my kindle in disbelief that an author could do this to a reader and wondering how long it will be before the next book is released. A triumphant five stars and recommended to all who love tense and sophisticated reads.”

Transposing the majority of the action to London breathes (or chokes) new life into the narrative, introducing the reader to Tori’s family and the odd world of the hunters.

Characters sing, the narrative shifts along at a fair old pace, yet still has time to develop and capture the mind. Stakes are high, both in the action and the heart, and allegiances shift with every revelation.

Turning Moon is a wonderful series and it improves with each book. Oh, and that ending.

Easy 5 stars for the whole series.”

“The many threads of the story finally came together. I was amazed, thrilled and then shocked. I don’t know how many times I read chapter 54; but it didn’t change. Torn has this dark intensity and a blurring of the lines between good and evil making for a side-blinding climax. It felt like a sucker punch right to the gut.

There are a couple of sidebars from Haunted, book 3 that I would love to know more about. Nick was last seen eyeing up Lola, a witch. Hmmm, talk about diversity. And what’s the deal with Joan Clancy, Genna’s mother? There’s something there, too. I’m betting she has more than a couple of secrets of her own.

So Turning Moon continues…”

Torn #4 Turning Moon series by Julie Embleton

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