The Dawning

Elaria has supernatural skills. She thinks they’re worthless, but her Sorcerer mentor, Solomon, knows better. He also knows something else Elaria doesn’t; her future. Hidden in an ancient book are the secrets of her destiny, and although the time the prophecy speaks of is drawing close, Solomon is reluctant to tell her. With her eighteenth birthday approaching, Elaria is already overwhelmed with the impending responsibility of her sovereignty, and as an independent and strong-willed young woman, is struggling to accept the constraints of having a Dedicated Guard watch over her from dawn until dusk.
When a new supernatural gift awakens in Elaria, she comes to learn of a deep-running treachery, as Lorcan, a long-time adversary of Solomon’s, emerges from a century of hiding. Eager for the chaos he can create by taking Elaria’s power for himself, Lorcan summons a demonic army, and as it marches towards Lynan Castle, Elaria fears the worst for her kingdom, her family and the man she loves.

The Dawning is book 1 of the new Voyager Chronicles Prophecy series, an epic fantasy trilogy.

ISBN: 978 131 132 2616

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