Series: Coveted Power

The Coveted Power series is a coming-of-age epic fantasy trilogy from Julie Embleton, weaving a magickal tale of intrigue, sorcery, treachery and romance.

On the day Elaria Winterbourne turns eighteen, she becomes reigning sovereign of her kingdom. With her independence smothered by the rigid and restraining structures of her new duties, her beloved sorcerer-mentor, Solomon, further delays in revealing her true destiny. Hidden amongst the pages of an ancient book a prophecy forecasts pending war between the Adorned world of supernatural beings. Despite how she believes they are worthless, Elaria’s powers are coveted by others, and as the time indicated in the prophecy draws near, enemies emerge from a century of hiding, eager to create chaos as they hunt their prize.

Coveted Power spans realms and time where magick is the most powerful weapon and love the most invincible protection.