Tarot Code of Ethics


If you’ve wandered into this section, here’s where you’ll find some insight on how I work with the Tarot along with my personal Code of Ethics.

First of all, I’m an intuitive Tarot reader. What does that mean? It means I allow my intuition to lead the reading, as opposed to reciting only the traditional meanings of the cards to my clients. The traditional meanings are important, but I always go with my gut instinct and ‘feel’ my way through the reading.

I read Tarot for one simple reason: I love to help people! Tarot is an amazing tool, one which will help you view your current situation with more clarity, explore your choices, their possible outcomes, and then set you on the path to the future you want to create for yourself. I see every day how Tarot helps people to make better decisions. The cards have the power to inspire positive, life-changing actions—and who doesn’t want a little of that in their life?

In preparation for your reading I light a candle and incense before grounding for focus and protection. With my mind focused entirely on your query and name, I shuffle the cards, intuitively knowing when the deck is ready to be split. Once the cards are laid out I take my time to absorb what’s being revealed. I never rush a reading out of respect for my clients and the cards. Once I have worked through the spread and used my intuition to gain clarity on what the cards reveal, I will relay the reading to you by email. (Under certain circumstances I will discuss the reading by phone, but the majority of readings are sent by email.)

When you receive my email I would encourage you to read it a number of times and give my words a chance to sink in. I also like to remind people that with Tarot, a lot of information from the reading is easy to immediately connect with your situation, while other pieces often take time to become apparent to you. And sometimes, we do get it wrong—Tarot and her readers are not infallible!

Now, I do have some ground rules when it comes to reading, and it’s important you’re aware of them before we work together, so here goes . . .

Code of Ethics

I treat everyone with equal respect regardless of race, religion, orientation or gender.

All my readings are held in the strictest of confidence. I don’t share your information with anyone.

I don’t solicit.

If I feel you’re relying too heavily on the Tarot, or showing addictive behaviour, I will refuse to read any further for you.

I will not tolerate abuse or foul language. If you don’t agree with, or understand what I’ve read, we can work together for clarification. Remember; I’m here to help you to the best of my ability and capacity.

I also need to tell you what I can’t and don’t read for: Lottery numbers, finding lost objects, third parties (e.g. an ex-partner), purely predictive readings or predicting timelines. I don’t offer financial, legal or medical advice. I don’t read for minors. I don’t read on the subject of past lives, suspected possession, demonic energy, curses or hexes. I will also refuse to read on the same topic within a short period of time. And rest assured, I won’t ever predict death, bad health or severe injury.

You also need to know that I’m not a medium; I don’t chat with those in spirit. Neither am I psychic, so if I ask you for more information please don’t insult either of us by suggesting I should already know.

What I do know is that I will put my absolute best into every reading and will readily offer any further clarification if required. If you have requested a reading I feel uncomfortable with, or on any of the no-no topics listed above I won’t simply ignore you, I will still contact you, but with a gentle suggestion we find a different angle from which to approach your query. As a policy however, I do have the right to refuse a reading for any reason.

If you’ve read this far, thank you (and well done!) I’m looking forward to helping you with some positive, life-changing discoveries!