Tarot for Creatives August 31st to September 6th 2020

This week’s cards have a definite shared theme; the authenticity behind your desire to create.

Bring: The 8 of Pentacles

Why do you create? If your answer is ‘to become rich and famous’ chances are you won’t succeed. If you don’t care for what you create, or consider how it impacts society, how does that represent you as a creative? Note how the goldsmith pours his molten gold with care and attention. He’s entirely focused on perfecting each coin to the best of his ability. Pay attention to the mindset surrounding your work this week and ask yourself if you create with authenticity or less than genuine intentions.

Action: 8 of Wands (reversed)

When the 8 of Wands appeared reversed it indicates not reaching an end for which we’ve been hoping. It’s simple message says there’s more to be done which requires further dedication and focus on your behalf. Consider your current project. Are you rushing its completion? Maybe you’re under time constraints, or need to make money from it. Remember the 8 of Pentacles and remain focused on the quality of your work. Accept that now is not the time for completion; there’s more you can to do to make it shine.

Release: The Emperor.

An authoritative, wise and stable leader, The Emperor has ‘been there and done that’. So why would we not want to emulate him? Again, just in case the first two cards didn’t say it clear enough, he’s here to announce that if you’re creating for glory, what you produce won’t last without a stable foundation. Work must be built with dedication, authenticity and consideration. Check your intentions, and if the notion of being ‘all great’ is firing your cylinders, slap some sense into yourself.

It’s a stern message, isn’t it? But definitely food for thought. We all want to succeed. We all dream of applause and recognition, but take a few moments this week to check in with your reasons why.

Have a great week, everyone!

Deck: Illuminati Tarot (Lo Scarebo) Illustrated by Erik C Dunne