Weekly Tarot Reading August 24th to 30th 2020

As some of you may know, when not wearing my author’s cap, I can be found reading Tarot. As it’s such a helpful tool, I’ve decided to trial posting a weekly reading. The simple spread will guide your mindset for the week, suggesting what action to take and what mindset to release, specifically in terms of writing and creativity. If Tarot is not your thing, scroll on by, but if you’re curious, or love the idea of some weekly Tarot goodness, drop me a comment and let’s see where this might take us!

For this coming week, August 24th to 30th 2020, the cards offer the following guidance:

Bring: Ace of Cups.

Allow your imagination to flow! Take those small ideas and let them run wild. Play ‘What If?’ and don’t hold back. You know that delicious excitement we feel at the start of a new project? Bring that enthusiasm this week. There’s a world of possibility in your mind, close your eyes and let it pour, you’ll be surprised at where it will take you.

Action: 5 of Cups.

Don’t linger on failings. Found a plot hole? Have a nasty dose of writers’ block? Got a bad review? It happens to all of us. Instead of allowing negativity in to spoil your week, focus on your positive achievements. The mourning figure in the card is only focused on his fallen cups, but if he turns around, he’ll see two full cups and a bridge leading to new adventures. Don’t allow a funk drag you down this week. I promise there’s more positive than negative!

Release: Death.

Don’t worry, the Death card isn’t about dying, it’s about transformation and moving into a new phase. If you’re worried about taking a brave new step, take a deep breath and do it anyway; there’s way more to be gained than lost. Perhaps it’s starting a new project, writing in a different genre, or admitting fading passion for a project. Whatever change you’re nervous to make, don’t give fear your power. Hang on to your courage this week and take that first step into something transformative.

Deck: Smith Rider Waite Tarot (US Games)