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Latest Release Oct '23

Moonstone & Mugwort
Oath & Legacy #1

When the past sabotages your present, is it ever possible to salvage your future?



A cursed heirloom, a looming eclipse, and a gifted witch.

Manacled by her family’s curse, Ava O’Keefe is no stranger to contending with paranormal beings, craving the power she protects. But when an enigmatic vampire draws her into his business, the grave consequences should she fail to harness her magick for his demands, promise devastating supernatural chaos.



Moonstone & Mugwort launches the compelling dark fantasy Oath & Legacy series, simmering with supernatural characters challenged by duty and shaped by heritage. As the past sabotages the present, what will become of the future?

Moonstone & Mugwort by Julie Embleton
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About Julie Embleton

Julie Embleton is a dark fantasy author from Dublin, Ireland. She writes tenacious, kick-ass females who can rescue themselves, thanks very much, gutsy heroes with tender hearts, and heinous villains who thrive on chaos.


Her stories weave suspense, romance, and magick, mostly with happy endings, but she does enjoy leaving her readers hanging with the occasional cliffhanger.


Julie lives by the shores of the moody Irish Sea, and when not writing, can be found with her second great love; tarot. Her Me-Time typically includes reading, enjoying the outdoors, or watching Turkish soap operas.

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