Teaser Time!

May 2023. Hello, friends! A quick update on my current project, title yet to be announced. The first draft is almost done, and I'm ready to start teasing snippets from this brand new series. It features a witch cursed with a powerful legacy, a host of nefarious folk coveting that legacy, an approaching eclipse, and of course, a smokin' hot vampire—not in the being crisped by the sun kind of smokin', but in the thirst trap variety. Stay tuned for updates or sign up to my newsletter for more sneak peeks and bookish treats.

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About Julie Embleton

Julie Embleton is the author of the Turning Moon and Coveted Power series. A Paranormal Fantasy author, she weaves contemporary worlds of tenacious females, gutsy heroes, and heinous villains. Born and raised in Ireland, she lives by the shores of the moody Irish Sea with her amazing daughter and ridiculously cute cats. Julie emerges from her writing cave to potter around her garden, tend to her herbs, read Tarot, and sip on tea. A champion for indie authors, she is both an avid reader and reviewer. For all things Tarot, you can find Julie at www.creativesoultarot.com