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Bare Trees in Fog


Do you ever wonder what happens to the scenes that don't make it to the final book? Curious about where I draw inspiration for names, places, and even locations? Welcome to the Extras section where you can find lots of fun content including deleted scenes, easter eggs, a peek at my world of tarot, and more!

Image by Thomas Stephan

During the editing process, scenes sometimes get the chop. While they're more filler than killer for the book, they often get a second chance here in the Deleted Scenes section. There are also bonus scenes which I wrote after publication. Have fun reading, but be aware! All scenes contain spoilers, so if you haven't yet read the book, proceed at your own peril!

Little extra somethings I've hidden amongst my books, and what inspired some of my names, locations, and plots!

Ring of Light Bulbs
Image by Airis Nikolaeva

When not in the writing cave, I can be found with my other great love; tarot. As a professional tarot reader, I love to work with fellow creatives, restoring creative flow and helping clients to enrich their lives through tarot.

Meet a few of my fellow independent authors, and find even more great books to add to your library. Ranging from crime to gothic horror, there's plenty waiting to be discovered!

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Book Plates are now available for all my titles! If you'd love to have your paperback signed, check out my personalised book plates. 

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