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Image by Krisztina Papp

Coveted Power

Travel between realms with the captivating Coveted Power series, an epic coming-of-age fantasy, where sorcery, treachery, and love straddle medieval and contemporary worlds.

The Dawning by Julie Embleton

The Dawning

Coveted Power #1

Is fate ever anyone’s to manipulate?


Elaria Winterbourne has supernatural skills. She thinks they’re worthless, but her sorcerer-mentor, Solomon, knows better. He also knows another truth, one he keeps to himself. Hidden in an ancient book, riddles tease a glimpse of Elaria’s treacherous destiny. Already overwhelmed by the impending responsibility of her sovereignty, Solomon refuses to burden her with the dark secret.

Rhyan Blackwood’s ambition lies within the ranks of the renowned Royal Guard of Lynan Castle. When a world he thought fictitious is revealed, the gravity of his new role tests his self-belief. With his stubborn charge loathing his presence, both his vow and hopes are threatened.

Treachery surfaces when an adversary of Solomon’s emerges from a century of hiding. Eager for the chaos he can create by claiming Elaria’s power for himself, havoc descends. Solomon and Rhyan face a choice to save their sovereign’s life; betray Elaria’s trust, or place their faith in an obtuse prophecy.

The Veiling

Coveted Power #2

When you can’t trust yourself, how can you trust another?


Elaria’s sanity has fractured. Haunted by strange dreams stirring a nameless longing, confusion and frustration mount. She can’t explain why her brother and his friend shadow her every move, or why she’s suddenly failing classes, but lately, no-one deserves her trust.


A realm away, Lorcan’s demon army wreaks havoc in Lynan. Trapped within the castle, Rhyan and Solomon battle for their lives. With Elaria’s plight unknown, Solomon fears the worst for the prophecy’s outcome.


The veiling may hide evil’s prey, but magick can’t constrain such immense power. As sanity and kingdom teeter, the darkest secret yet is exposed, and with it, the greatest challenge Elaria will ever face.

The Veiling by Julie Embleton
The Claiming by Julie Embleton

The Claiming

Coveted Power #3

Elaria must rise, or the realms fall.  

Elaria Winterbourne is prophesied to save the ten realms from catastrophic destruction. But with her magick buried, impossible secrets eroding her sanity, and the one person who could help dying beneath a disintegrating spell, her self-belief has crumbled.

When her fake brother, Charlie, tells her to step into her power, she’s never heard anything so cheesy, or impossible. But the battle for domination creeps closer, and if Elaria is to fulfil the prophecy and claim her own destiny, she must reignite her self-belief.

In this final instalment of the Coveted Power series, a century-old power-grab reaches its climax. Control and destiny are for the claiming, but victory demands sacrifice.

Who will pay the highest price? 

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