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Rogue Assassin

Enter a dystopian world where supernatural beings fight for survival, defy prejudices, and find unexpected love.

Rogue Assassin by Julie Embleton

Rogue Assassin

A standalone dystopian romance novel

One created to slay, the other to save.

Joe and Leven; two supernatural beings conceived in a Petri-dish, their function poles apart. Leven is Dr Krieger’s most prized assassin, Joe his greatest failure. When Joe’s influence revolutionises Leven’s sense of purpose, a night of chaos tears the teenage friends apart.

Years later, as Calleston city chokes under supernatural warfare, rumours of a rogue assassin spread. Joe’s ragtag band of warriors might actually stand a chance of defeating his father’s cyborg army if they can join forces with the vigilante, but when the rogue’s identity is revealed, no-one expects it to be their sworn enemy. If Joe can’t keep Leven’s true identity and their past a secret, he’ll lose his friends, and her—again.

Secrets, prejudices, and distrust. In their shadow, will Dr Krieger’s hateful legacy triumph, or can his creations join forces and survive?

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