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Rogue Assassin

‘Never, ever consort with the residents.'

The infamous geneticist, Dr Richard Krieger, barks only one rule whenever he drags his son to Newlands House, the facility where supernatural beings and cyborgs are bred. But when Joe unexpectedly meets Leven, his father’s most prized assassin, their unexpected friendship revolutionises her sense of purpose.

Rogue Assassin by Julie Embleton

Rogue Assassin

She’s an assassin. He’s her target. But friendship revolutionises her purpose, and now his father’s most prized killer has turned rogue.

One created to slay, the other to save.

Joe and Leven; two supernatural beings conceived in a Petri-dish, their function poles apart. Leven is Dr Krieger’s most prized assassin, Joe his greatest failure. When Joe’s influence revolutionises Leven’s sense of purpose, a night of chaos tears the teenage friends apart.

Years later, as Calleston city chokes under supernatural warfare, rumours of a rogue assassin spread. Joe’s ragtag band of warriors might actually stand a chance of defeating his father’s cyborg army if they can join forces with the vigilante, but when the rogue’s identity is revealed, no-one expects it to be their sworn enemy. If Joe can’t keep Leven’s true identity and their past a secret, he’ll lose his friends, and her—again.

Secrets, prejudices, and distrust. In their shadow, will Dr Krieger’s hateful legacy triumph, or can his creations join forces and survive?


This book contains:

Enemies to friends to enemies to friends to lovers

Foul language; lots of the f-bomb

Violence, but no graphic descriptions of bodily harm

Medical institute settings with references to historical moderate physical and mental abuse

A Happy Ending

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Reviews for Rogue Assassin

Embleton is not afraid to break your heart with trauma and death. Be prepared to hold your breath more than once. Be ready for tightness filling your chest when characters are brought to the edge of death – and one slips over.


There is so much to love about Assassin! It reminded me of a box of chocolates…you don’t know what you’ve gotten until you bite into it. The intensity is non stop, emotions run high and I was swept along this nail biting story, sighing and then gripping the book.

Rogue Assassin features a completely different cast of characters and challenges. But the style, detailed writing, depth of feeling, and perfect pacing you’ve come to expect from Embleton are all there.

I have read The Turning Moon series by Embleton and was impressed and more than ready to delve into Rogue Assassin. I quickly reached the point of no return. You know, that point when you have to finish the book regardless of what the clock says? Characters, world building and story flow are what makes a book and Embleton excels in all three with Rouge Assassin. It doesn’t matter if you are character oriented or action driven, I have no doubt you will enjoy Rogue Assassin.

Engrossing, gripping, page-turning, unputdownable – I could go on listing superlatives from here to eternity. This author does suspense well, but she also does people. Relatable, three-dimensional, sympathetic people that the reader can get inside and understand. Well-written and nicely paced, I consumed this book over three lunch hours and wished there was more. With an ending I loved, this is a book for fans of The Hunger Games and Divergent books, although, in my opinion, this is far superior.

Dystopian fiction is probably my least favourite genre, but I make an exception for writers who create characters I can care about, and not rely on the usual tried-and-tested post apocalyptic horror scenarios. Julie Embleton's superb writing lifts Rogue Assassin above the usual dystopian offerings with a more character-driven story. Highly recommended.

ISBN: 979 884 599 2680

Published August 2022

E-book price $3.50

Available in: E-book, paperback, and audio

Available from: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Kobo Plus, Apple Books, Google Play, Smashwords, Eden Books, Drive Thru Fiction, 24 Symbols, Scribd, Tolino, OverDrive, Baker & Taylor, Bibliotheca,  Vivlio, Odilo, Borrow Box, Palace Marketplace.

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