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Potion bottles and candles on a white lace cloth

Oath & Legacy

Welcome to Calnaloch, Ireland, the seaside village home to witch Ava O’Keefe. Protector of her family’s heritage, she prefers to steer clear of the covetous ghouls who crave her power, especially when her magick peaks in eclipse season. But an enigmatic vampire has her in his sights. And even though he despises her kind, she’s his only hope for rectifying his greatest regret.

Moonstone & Mugwort by Julie Embleton

Moonstone & Mugwort

Oath & Legacy 1

When the past sabotages your present, is it ever possible to salvage your future?



A cursed heirloom, a looming eclipse, and a gifted witch.

Moonstone & Mugwort launches the compelling dark fantasy Oath & Legacy series, simmering with supernatural characters challenged by duty and shaped by heritage. As the past sabotages the present, what will become of the future?

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