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Forest Scene

Deleted Scenes

Spoiler Alert!! Spoiler Alert!! Spoiler Alert!!

Don't click if you haven't read the book.

Bound by Julie Embleton

The Aftermath

Bound, Turning Moon #1

The aftermath of Simon Northfell's violent departure at the hands of the very demon he summoned.

A Trip to Lynan

Inspired by an Instagram challenge.

I fell asleep by the fire, and woke to find myself hurtling through a portal to the First Realm. Here's what happened!

The Dawning by Julie Embleton

Inspired by an Instagram fantasy writers' challenge.

The Veiling by Julie Embleton

Letters to and from Lynan

The Veiling, Coveted Power #2

Letters exchanged between Charlie and Luke following the events in The Veiling.

Tori visits London

Haunted, Turning Moon #3

An account of Tori's trip to London where she visits the cemetery where her family are buried, and unexpectedly meets a living relative.

Haunted by Julie Embleton
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