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Tarot Cards and a candle

Creative Soul Tarot

When not creating fantasy worlds, I can be found with my other great love; tarot. As an intuitive tarot reader, my mission is to empower creatives with enhanced decision-making and a deeper sense of self to restore and strengthen creative flow.


I provide honest, empathetic tarot readings accompanied by personalised rituals and prompts.


Curious seekers will find informative, uncomplicated, and fun content on my tarot website. And for those developing their own tarot practice, there’s guidance, knowledge, and encouragement aplenty.

Two old dears reading tarot cards


Creative block? A new life chapter? Seized by doubt? Relationship woes?

If you're ready for enrichment and clarity, check out the services I offer. There's a reading to suit every budget!


A weekly Tarot for Creatives reading, and regular tarot inspired content can be found on the blog. Whether you're a curious seeker or a student, there's content here for you!

How to Cleanse & Dedicate a Tarot Deck
Tarot for Creatives for Newsletter


Sign up for the weekly Tarot for Creatives newsletter. You'll get a week ahead forecast, an oracle draw, and whatever goodies I'm inspired to share.

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