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Hide & Seek

Book Review: Hide & Seek. Book 6 of The Blackwood Family Saga by Julia Blake

I absolutely love this series, so I hopped straight on the release of this latest instalment of the Blackwood Family adventures from Julia Blake.

This episode follows Liam Blackwood, war photographer, who finds himself the target of a mysterious killer—and for no obvious reason. Enter agent Kelly Euston, assigned to protect him while the hunt for his killer goes on. But as Liam and Kelly are forced into close quarters, the line between their professional relationship starts to blur, bringing a lovely dollop of romance into this fast moving thriller.

As with all the books in this series, Hide & Seek is a page-turner. The plot moves along well, balanced nicely by both the romantic tension and the threats to Liam’s life. I read this in two sittings as it was hard to put down, and although Blake typically delivers happy ever afters, I feared both Kelly and Liam’s stubbornness would lead to an eventual separation. Do they get their happy ever after? You’ll have to read Hide & Seek to find out!

You can find Hide & Seek and all of Blake's other titles on Amazon.

Julie Blake is a UK author hailing from the lovely historic market town of Bury St Edmunds in the East of England. She lives in an old Victorian townhouse with her daughter, a little black cat called Skittles, and a baby tortoise called Napoleon – Poe for short.

As a multi-genre author, she has published in the genres of contemporary fiction, romantic suspense, YA fantasy, folklore fantasy, steampunk, Sci-Fi, coming-of-age, and poetry.

You can find Julia at


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