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Book Review: Black Beacon by Steve Griffin

A Christmas Ghost Story

Black Beacon Book Cover
Black Beacon by Steve Griffin

This superbly chilling tale from Steve Griffin is yet another reason he’s one of my favourite authors. Set in the UK in 1976, the story centres around Nat and Theo, a couple struggling to heal from heartache. Theo’s WWII past continues to haunt him, but when that past grasps onto his present, trust and sanity begin to unravel.

As always with Griffin, the story builds so well from the start, it’s hard to put the book down. The bleak snowy setting frames the atmosphere of desperation, the picture within almost as hopeless as the miserable winter the couple struggle through fighting to make ends meet while both enduring pain from their past. As flashbacks from Theo’s experiences in the war fill out the backstory, the sense of looming terror builds more and more, adding to the psychological thrill of this read.

Griffin writes relatable, endearing characters. I hurt for both Nat and Theo from the start and desperately wanted them to find peace. Nat’s grapple with her sanity was especially well written and stayed with me long after I’d finished.

Although set during Christmas, Black Beacon is a story that reads well at any time of year. With themes of betrayal and loss, it’s a tale that digs into the darker side of the human condition. Does it have a happy ending? You’ll have to read it to find out!

Black Beacon can be found on Amazon's Kindle Unlimited!

Steve Griffin is the author of fourteen books, known for his supernatural thrillers including the bestselling The Ghosts of Alice series and The Man in the Woods. His latest novel is Black Beacon: A Christmas Ghost Story, a festive chiller set on the snow-swept South Downs.

He has also written a fast-paced adventure mystery series, The Secret of the Tirthas, and published two poetry collectionsUp in the Air and The Things We Thought Were Beautiful

You can learn more about Steve by visiting


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