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The Turning Moon series races to a climactic finish as Tori hunts, Alexander flees, and friends gather to unhook Haakin’s compulsion. Will maleficence triumph, or will the deadliest hunter of them all prove too powerful an opponent?

Tormented by Julie Embleton


Turning Moon #5

When hope turns to ash, do you submit or endure?


Witches, vampires, and wolves scramble to unhook Tori from Haakin’s compulsion, but time is running out, and as she closes in on Alexander, hope crumbles as traitors emerge and the hunter becomes the hunted.


Will maleficence triumph, or will the deadliest hunter of them all prove too powerful an opponent?

When hope turns to ash, do you submit or endure?


Shackled by Haakin’s compulsion, Tori hunts her prey. But Alexander Durand plays a frustrating game, baiting with trinkets that blight her pursuit.


If Alexander is to survive, he must stay ahead of Victoria long enough to unhook her from Haakin’s control. Witches, vampires, and wolves scramble to assist, but time is running out, and with Victoria closing in, hope crumbles.


Traitors emerge. The hunter becomes the hunted. Brotherhood and establishment collapse. Will maleficence triumph, or will the deadliest hunter of them all prove too powerful an opponent?


Tormented brings the Turning Moon series to a climactic end. Supernatural beings unite to free Tori, yet it’s a human friendship that proves the most impactful of all.



This book contains:



Fated Mates

Enemies to Lovers

Mind Manipulation

A happy ending

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Reviews for Tormented

If you've read this far in the series you don't need me to tell you that you're going to love Tormented. Tori and Alexander are wonderful lead characters and the rest of the characters are just as endearing.


The language flowing from Embleton’s pen is delicious, and in all her books, I’ve often found myself reading a line or a paragraph twice simply for the pleasure of it.


Julie has done it again. Tormented takes off from the last book and dives straight in. It is a good read and promises to "probably" not be the last of this series. Here is hope!


Fast-paced, thrilling, and engrossing, the book hits the ground running and keeps the reader turning the pages until long after bedtime. But there are also moments of quietness and such sweet connection between the characters, that it had me wishing I could find a wolf man of my own


The ending of Tormented is immensely satisfying – even better than I could’ve hoped for in this series.

I've yet to read an Embleton book I didn't love and Tormented is another 5 star wonder. Mixing action, flashback and desperate plans, the narrative zips along with a sense of time closing in on our beloved characters.

Neatly tying up all the loose ends and giving lovers of the series everything they could want in relation to all the supernatural communities, Tormented is a fitting conclusion to a labour of love. True friendship never gives up.

Tormented is an epic, adventurous end to the Turning Moon series. Julie Embleton’s writing flows beautifully, keeping the reader engaged with the much loved characters of the Turning Moon Series. This final volume continues with well-developed characters and epic descriptions which bring the reader into the heart of the story, living it alongside the characters we can’t help but love or hate. Littered with emotional moments, it’s difficult to put down. Tormented left me with one overwhelming thought … “I want more!!!”

Author Embleton continues to excel at delivering perfect pacing. Admittedly, I expected the book to begin with a mad race knowing what had happened at the end of “Torn.” And yes, there is definitely a scramble afoot as friends try to locate Tori. But Embleton’s style is not to rush. She unfolds this story with precision, taking the reader to different spaces: Cedar Copse (wolf world), London (the Walker Institute), and of course, to Alexander – whatever locale he is fleeing through at the moment. We see Tori’s tale, her plight, through many sets of eyes. It’s brilliant. Certainly, Tori’s path, perspective, and struggles are revealed throughout the book, but I realized that had the author solely focused on Tori’s point of view, the story would have become one-dimensional. Instead, Embleton moved beyond world-building and created a universe.

ISBN: ‎ 979 837 459 2320

Published February 2023

E-book price $3.50

Available in: E-book, paperback

Available from: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Kobo Plus, Apple Books, Google Play, Smashwords, Eden Books, Drive Thru Fiction, 24 Symbols, Scribd, Tolino, OverDrive, Baker & Taylor, Bibliotheca,  Vivlio, Odilo, Borrow Box, Palace Marketplace.

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