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Fate throws a curve ball. Torn from her haven, Tori finds herself inveigled into the chaos brewing beneath London city. As she and Blake face an impossible choice, the burden of love, loyalty, and guilt, weights every turn. Surrender or fight, the choice is theirs, but when it comes to love, the right decision is often the hardest.

Torn by Julie Embleton


Turning Moon #4

When fate makes a cruel move, do you surrender or fight?


Floundering in the wake of an unexpected arrival in Cedar Copse, Tori and Blake face impossible choices. Torn between love, loyalty and guilt, they must each decide who and what is worth fighting for.


But choosing one means surrendering another, and when it comes to love, the right decision is often the hardest.

When fate makes a cruel move, do you surrender or fight?


The indomitable Johann Durand is missing. A deadly drug poisons the streets of London, and the hunters will only support his rescue if Tori takes responsibility for the vampire they all want ashed; his brother, Alexander.

Already suffering her own loss, Tori wants nothing to do with the brewing chaos, or either Durand brother. Fate’s cruel twist has torn her and Blake apart. Both face an impossible choice, and burdened by love, loyalty, and guilt, neither know which way to turn.

Surrender or fight, the choice is theirs, but when it comes to love, the right decision is often the hardest.

Torn contains:


Vampire Romance

Enemies to Lovers

Human and Shifter Fated Mates

A Major Cliffhanger



Trigger Warning: Pregnancy Loss

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Torn is available in audio.

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Reviews for Torn

Characters sing, the narrative shifts along at a fair old pace, yet still has time to develop and capture the mind. Stakes are high, both in the action and the heart, and allegiances shift with every revelation.

I thought I know exactly what I was getting, but I got so much more. In fact, I think this is the best book in this series.


Julie Embleton creates characters you believe could exist next door – or at least in the next town over. It’s nearly impossible to not have an emotional response to her stories.


And. That. Ending I have already – along with other readers – pleaded with the author to release book five in the Turning Moon series. Oh, what a final chapter! The emotions: Elation! Shock! Horror!


Torn has this dark intensity and a blurring of the lines between good and evil making for a side-blinding climax. It felt like a sucker punch right to the gut.

Firstly, the author shocked me rigid with a major plot twist that initially left me confused and angry, but as I continued to read I started to catch glimmers of which way the story would go. Beginning in the sleepy and safe wolf community of Cedars Close, the action quickly moves to the throbbing pace of London, where vampires and hunters fight an unseen war for domination of the murky underbelly of this historic city.

The thing that struck me the most about this book was how much the author’s writing had changed from the first three novels in the series. It was almost as if she had found a new voice and permitted herself to run with it. A darker, edgier, and grittier voice than before, it suited the tone and mood of this book to perfection. A triumphant five stars and recommended to all who love tense and sophisticated reads.

Alexander is a multi-layered character, and one you cannot second guess. Ruthless, intelligent, obsessive – yet able to show love and mercy. Once again, the paths followed by Embleton in this storyline work perfectly. From my perspective, this is Tori’s story all the way, but Embleton does not steal the spotlight from the wolves in her series. We are constantly reminded of the pack’s influence and strength – both as a whole and with individuals. Tori’s relationship – as a vampire – with Blake and the other wolves is so unique, so special. The friendship and love she finds with the Cedar Copse pack change the course of her life. And because of the bridge created by Tori’s and Blake’s relationship, perhaps a solid common ground between wolves and vampires will be available moving forward.

I love The Turning Moon series. Torn had me torn…I don’t like cliffhangers; but this one just blew me away. I was taken aback. No, I was blind-sided. Torn is different from the previous books. About 25% in there was a change in the writing style. The writing had a starkness, more of a grittier feel and tone that wasn’t present in the previous books. This took the story to a whole new level. I must say that I liked this raw side of Embleton’s writing.

ISBN: ‎ 979 848 302 9885

Published October 2021

E-book price $3.50

Available in: E-book, paperback, audio

Available from: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Kobo Plus, Apple Books, Google Play, Smashwords, Eden Books, Drive Thru Fiction, 24 Symbols, Scribd, Tolino, OverDrive, Baker & Taylor, Bibliotheca,  Vivlio, Odilo, Borrow Box, Palace Marketplace.

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