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Fussy Librarian Interview

I recently had the pleasure of chatting to Sadye from The Fussy Librarian. We nattered about how writing began for me, which of my characters I'd like to run away with, and advice for my younger writer self.

If you'd like to read the full interview, simply click on the Fussy Librarian link. Here's a sample:

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SADYE: Which of your characters would you most and least like to become romantically involved with?

JULIE: All the characters I fancy are already spoken for, and are so deeply in love with their partners, they wouldn’t look twice at me, so I’ll have to surrender to knowing I’ll never have shifter Michael Vincent or vampire Enzo Paladino.

Besides the villains, the character I’d least likely have a romantic entanglement with is probably Graham from the Turning Moon series. He’s a good guy, but not my type. I prefer the broody, dark-haired, sometimes morally grey guys.

SADYE: What have been the most surprising, rewarding, and challenging parts of your writing career?

JULIE: Most surprising would be the fact that I’m about to start writing my thirteenth book. I never imagined I’d reach double digits, or have so many other book ideas still waiting!

The most rewarding (despite the blood, sweat, and tears that goes into it) is the amount of technical knowledge I’ve gained. Between building my own website, the technical side to self-publishing, and all those nitty-gritty bits in between, I’ve overcome my techno-phobia and learned that it can be done!

The most challenging is without doubt, finding the time to actually write. As a full-time, self-employed author, I’d say at least seventy percent of my week is spent with the admin and business side of authoring, and the remaining thirty percent with writing itself. And that’s on a good week.

When I’m on the first and second draft of a book, and really stuck into it, it’s very frustrating to have to come back to reality to deal with finance, marketing, and social media. Saying that, I wouldn’t change it for anything.

SADYE: What advice, as relates to your writing career, would you give your younger self?

JULIE: Read, read, read, and when you write, write, write, craft stories that make your heart thud because that’s where the true magic lies for an author. Those books you think you should write? Forget them. Write the ones you want to write, the ones you need to write.

When it comes to other authors, admire their work, study their skill, but don’t compare yourself to them. We’re each on our own individual path, and wishing you were on another’s will steal every ounce of your joy.

In those first few years of publishing, the best strategy is to build up your back catalogue, find your ideal readers on social media, stay connected and engaged with them (and supportive authors), establish a regular newsletter, and remember that creativity is key when it comes to online engagement.

Finally, stay true to yourself by building your brand upon integrity and passion.

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