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Kobo Plus Book Fair

You may know about Kindle Unlimited, but have you heard of Kobo Plus? For the month of April, there's a Kobo Plus Book Fair, heaving with lots of fantasy titles!

Kobo Plus Graphic

Here are 5 reasons to consider joining Kobo Plus, an unlimited reading subscription similar to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited, but better for both readers and authors!

1) Kobo Plus is cheaper than Kindle Unlimited and it has a 30-Day FREE trial. (Only $7.99USD/month after that)

2) If you like audiobooks, Kobo Plus has an audiobook add-on that’s way cheaper than Audible. For both ebooks and audiobooks, the Kobo Plus read and listen subscription is only $9.99/month (Kindle Unlimited/Audible is $9.99 + $14.95/month= $24.94)

3) Kobo Plus has over 1.5 million ebooks and 150,000 audiobooks to pick from.

4) You can read Kobo Plus ebooks using the free Kobo app on any smart phone, tablet, computer, or Kobo ereader.

5) Another reason Kobo Plus is awesome is that unlike Kindle Unlimited, Kobo Plus doesn’t require authors to be exclusive to Kobo, so authors can have their books available everywhere. Kobo Plus authors don’t have to fear having their careers derailed when pirates steal their books and put them up on pirate sites. When this happens to a Kindle Unlimited author, they are considered in violation of Amazon’s exclusivity clause and risk losing everything, even when the book file is stolen from Amazon!

So, check out Kobo Plus today. For a taster of the books available, click the graphic or this Kobo Plus Fantasy Romance Book Fair link!


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