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Book Teaser Time!

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Another teaser from my current work in progress . . .

'Ava silently despised the unwanted legacy, and at times like these, when forces gathered to claw for the power she protected, she wished she could simply tear the curse from her life and fling it out to sea.'

A teaser from the current work in progress by Julie Embleton

Although the title is still under wraps, here's the blurb for this paranormal romance.

A cursed heirloom, a looming eclipse, and a gifted witch.

Manacled by her family’s curse, Ava O’Keefe is no stranger to contending with paranormal beings craving the power she protects. But when an enigmatic vampire draws her into his business, the grave consequences should she fail to harness her magick for his needs promise devastating supernatural chaos.

book teaser time

More book teasers to follow, and a title reveal coming in June! To be the first to hear, sign up for my newsletter via the home page.


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