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A Song of Mange and Poison

Review of A Song of Mange and Poison by Caroline Noe

A Song of Mange and Poison by Caroline Noe
A Song of Mange and Poison by Caroline Noe. Available now from your favourite retailer!

It was all going so well… But I might have guessed a dark side sequel was on the horizon. No sooner had this Menopausal Madam nabbed her Mangy Wolf, and the jumbled pack of wolves, bears, snakes and an eagle howled their way to a Happy Ever After, than up pops the Messenger of the Alpha of Alphas, announcing the imminent arrival of the stinky Southern Pack. A shed load of furry trouble descends, chief of whom being Curt’s Auntie Yelena, known as Yellfire to her enemies. I’m one of them, apparently. Before you can say ruffle my fur, we’re paw deep in backstabbing, arson, poison and attempted murder. Everyone’s heart is in danger, especially mine. Don’t turn your back. Don’t turn tail.

About the Author Caroline Noe lives in London, juggling the writing of fantasy and science fiction novels with her other great love: photography. When she’s not scratching holes in notebooks, she can be found standing on her head, straining for the best shot.


The Happy Ever After didn’t come about after all. The mangy wolf and menopausal madam are back, and Edi’s got a new enemy!

Noe turned her writing prowess in a new direction with this humorous fantasy series, and book two confirms she’s well and truly into her stride with this hilarious, unputdownable tale.

With her found-family of wolves, eagles, snakes, and bears, Edi has settled snugly into life high up in the snowy mountains. But when Yelena, aka Yellfire and her pack of nasty wolves shoulder their way into Edi and Curt’s life, the Happy Ever After Edi was hoping for, quickly begins to crumble.

Noe kept me guessing with who lay behind the nefarious plot to wreak havoc in the pack’s life. As fingers are pointed and trust frays, it seems like all is lost for Edi and her mangy wolf. Peppered with British humour, jam-packed with action, and softened with tender moments, A Song of Mange and Poison will keep you hooked until the final page. And then you’ll be left as grumpy as Curt while you wait for book three, especially as Noe teased a new Mage Cat character!

Five not-at-all-grumpy stars from me.

To find out more about Caroline Noe, her books, or to sign up for her newsletter, visit her website! You can find A Song of Mange and Poison at your favourite retailer through this link.


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