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The Man in the Woods by Steve Griffin

Book Review: The Man in the Woods by Steve Griffin

The Man in the Woods by Steve Griffin
The Man in the Woods by Steve Griffin. Out now on Amazon

There’s a strange man squatting in the woods near Daniel’s house, and no matter how Daniel tries to help him, the man refuses to accept. Meanwhile, tension stalks Daniel’s home following his baby sister’s injury. Social workers hover, pushing for answers Daniel doesn’t have. He just wishes everyone would leave him alone so he can deal with what really matters.

Steve Griffin never fails to deliver a spooky read, but the twist in this tale had me breaking out in goosebumps. The ominous atmosphere builds from page one as we follow Daniel through his days. Despite there seeming to be a reasonable explanation for the events unfolding in Daniel’s home, and out in the woods, an undercurrent of danger bubbles beneath the surface. Those whispers warning all is not as it seems, proved correct. Griffin’s twist takes the story to a whole new level and left me lost for words when I turned the final page.

With Griffin’s masterful writing, suspense that simmers, and a creeping sense of menace, horror fans will love this novella. A chilling 5 stars.

You can find The Man in the Woods on Amazon


Steve Griffin is the author of fourteen books, known for his supernatural thrillers full of ‘twists and turns’ including the bestselling Ghosts of Alice series and The Man in the Woods. His latest book is Black Beacon, a chilling Christmas ghost story set on the snow-swept South Downs.

He has also written a fast-paced adventure mystery series for young adults, The Secret of the Tirthas. A Guardian review of the first book, The City of Light, calls it ‘entertaining and exciting’.

Steve loves exploring the Surrey Hills, where he lives with his wife and two sons. He also enjoys a good indie gig and is a lifelong fan of horror movies.

To learn more about Steve's titles, visit his website.


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